A boisterous cabaret adventure set on a North Sea oil rig, featuring original music invoking traditional sea shanties, siren songs and seventies power rock love ballads!

It’s 1975, the world threatens to slow in the grips of an energy crisis. Four men clamber into a helicopter and head out into the fury of the North Sea, each seeking riches from the deep. A woman stands at a cliff, grasping a lock of her lover’s hair and wails at the sun as it slips beneath the ocean. Here are the songs that remember these hitherto unsung heroes, the violence and tenderness they shared, the calamity that befell them, and the oil rig they called home.



Creative Team

Performed by: Cameron Goodall, Quincy Grant, Harley Gray, David Heinrich & Emma Luker

Story by: Cameron Goodall, Quincy Grant & Andy Packer

Music by: Cameron Goodall & Quincy Grant
(The Drinking Song by: Emma Luker)

Lyrics by: Cameron Goodall & Quincy Grant
(additional lyrics by: Andy Packer) 

Spoken Text by: Cameron Goodall & Andy Packer
(“Be Always Drunken” from Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey into Night)

Initial Concept & Director: Andy Packer

Designer: Ailsa Paterson

Illustrator: Andy Ellis

Production / Stage Manager/Operator: Nicholas Filsell


"Five first rate musicians sing and play their guts out in a cross between a concept album and a cantata. It is immensely powerful."
- Ewart Shaw, Advertiser, 17 June, 2013
"The work is deeply emotive in its gaiety and its sorrow, and, finally, is a memorial for a life hard lead in a world that no longer exists. The band moves around the instruments and their voices with ease – although when Quincy Grant sits down at the grand piano you realise just how dexterous his playing is."
- Jane Howard, Arts Hub June 14, 2013
"'You, Me and the Bloody Sea' was more melodious than an Aberdeen seagull, slicker and saltier than a Dundee chip shop and more beautifully sentimental than a drunk Glaswegian singing 'Auld Lang Syne' on Hogmanay. A braw show indeed!"
- Danielle - Audience Member (Facebook 13 June 2013)
“You, Me and the Bloody Sea... bloody AWESOME. Thank you one and all for sharing those oil-riggin-manly stories with us. You guys are just so damn talented!”
- Cecilia - Audience Member (Facebook 13 June 2013)
For the last hour or so I've been lost"at the bottom of the barreling sea" and I couldn't have been happier! U me and the bloody sea xxx
- Kate Ceberano - ‏@KateCeberano 15 June 2013
You Me & the Bloody Sea is bloody beautiful. Great job boys & girl.
- gdaybklyn ‏- @gdaybklyn 15 June 2013
Our reviewer Ewart Shaw declares Cameron Goodall's "You, Me & The Bloody Sea" the pick of @AdelaideCabaret #adcabfest
- The Advertiser Arts ‏- @TiserArts 15 June 2013